Tuesday, March 23, 2010


These little friends would greet you everynight before bed. Towel animals
Austin like photographing our dinner everynight. This night he couldn't decide on one so he ordered both and ate both! Prime rib and lobster Yes it's bloody SICK

Funny sea lion and seal show

Waitin for SHAMU

Carsopn liked this cute little boat

Our trip was absolutely fantastic! Started by dropping Trace at Melinda's which was the best decision we made. Then off to almost miss our flight out of SLC to Oakland then from Oakland to San Diego which that one we did miss. Anyway we made it there. Stayed in the Hampton by Sea World. Went to sea world the next day which I guess was worth the money (EXPENSIVE) cause Carson is still talking about it. He loved the Shamu show and the funny sea lions and the performing cats and dogs. Not to mentions all the cookies popping out at him at the 4D Elmo show. Then off to board the Carnival Elation. Let the eating begin that's the first thing we did after getting on and never stopped until we got off it seemed. Austin and I each gained 4 pounds! We stopped at Cabo where we got our own little cabana for the fam to hang in all day at the beach. We all got sunburns just getting done peeling now. Then to Ensenada where we walked the little shops and Austin wheeled and dealed with the locals on there merchandise. He loved it as for me hate it! From Cabo to Ensenada we had a rough day and night at sea so Austin and myself were a little sea sick, but nothing to serious. Carson loved being able to swim whenever he wanted and best of all get ice cream whenever he wanted. He loved riding the elevator and getting room service while watching cartoons, his forte Chocolate milk, Chocolate cake, And a grilled cheese. I was nervous of something happening with the baby while flying or in MEXICO but were all home safely. This was for sure the best vacation you can do for the money! Would highly recommend it. We really couldn't have gone if it weren't for Melinda Taking Trace for us and Valley Implement paying for our airfare and hotel. HUGE thanks to them!