Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Best Friend

If we could see Carson's face behind the huge ski goggles, he is grinnin ear to ear.

Carson has found a new best friend. Our friends from Oklahoma have been here almost two weeks. Carson just follows David's every footstep. He has a homemade motorcycle that he is taking Carson for a ride on. Carson was with me at pizza stop today while I was working and his aunt Sheila came to get him and Carson walked over to David and said "hey Dave is it alright if I go to Sheila's house." We all just looked at each other and started laughing. It's probably pretty new for them to have five year old following them around, and a baby crying in the night but hey it's good birth control.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I can't figure this out Wednesday night Carson came to my bed because he was scared. So I took him back down to his bed and laid with him until he went to sleep. Hours later he was so wiggly and wouldn't stop moving. Next morning I go to put him in the tub and he is covered in HIVES! I felt horrible that is why he kept moving all night. I gave him some benadryl and they would go away for a couple hours and come back. Now it's Friday and his last dose was before bed last night. I'm hoping were done with these nasty things. This is only the third time in his life that he has had them and I am clueless to what causes them. They look a lot worse than they really are, this is the first time he's had them that he is old enough to scratch them so his body looks like he was attacked by a cat. The pic above is the type of hives Carson has.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


So Carson's birthday party turned out OK. I was cold, but I asked Carson if it was to cold for him and he said No it wasn't to cold! Like that was a ridiculous question. He had lots of friends and family come despite the windy chill. The kids were running and playing on the park that's probably why they were warm. My mom helped me fill eggs and we hid about fifty eggs for twelve kids to find. I don't know what Carson was doing during the hunt but he only came out with three, that's ok he got all the presents. Boy did he ever make a haul he always does. That's just a benefit of having large families on both mine and Austin's side. Austin and I decided to put a sandbox in the back yard for him, but with all the storms he hasn't been able to do it yet. We got him a bucket of sand toys and told him when the weather clears you can use these in your new sandbox! He was just thrilled with the idea of his very own sandbox! Thanks to everyone who came. It's so fun to have such good family and friends near by. Carson is lucky enough to share his birthday with his Aunt Cona. Happy Birthday Carson & Cona!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Whole Hand

My boy is going to be the whole hand on Saturday five. He is so excited he has been asking me all week. How many more sleeps til my birthday? He planned out his whole birthday at the park with an Easter egg hunt, cake, and presents. Carson has been the greatest joy for us, he is so good. The whole time he was inside me I knew he was a boy and at the ultrasound the doc said "It's a girl" a couple of times after that I would ask her are you sure it's a girl and she would proceed to pull out the ultrasound pictures and show me Carson's ovaries. When Carson was born with a little extra something the doctor was more surprised than anyone, and I was just thinking now what am I going to do with all these girl clothes. Still today he continues to surprise us with his large vocabulary, and adult like comments. My most favorite comment he made was to my older brother Jeff. If you know Jeff he likes the Denver Broncos, One day he was wearing a Broncos hat and shirt, and he has a tattoo of the broncos on his calf. Carson must have observed all of these bronco heads and he looked up at Jeff and Said "Jeff why do you like Horse Power so much?" Carson could start school this fall, but I am going to wait another year cause he wants to be the oldest in his class. I also want him to have another year tho catch up in size. GREAT things come in small packages and that's my Carson.