Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Talk about relief

After almost ten years of not having any kind of medical dental or vision insurance we are FINALLY covered! What a relief it is to know if something happened there would be a cap to all the cost. We planned to just pay for this baby like we paid for our boys Cash out the door and pray for no complications for mom or baby. Because............ the insurance offered at the time through Austins' work had bad coverage and high premiums and deductibles. Well they just changed ins companies and this company has better coverage, lower premiums and deductibles and best of all!!!!!! WILL pay for my pre existing condition being pregnant!! WHAT ! I am so happy and relieved. I feel like a normal person now :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter and Carson turns 6

As you can see grandma hid plenty of eggs for the grand kids to find.
Trace caught on to the game real quick.

Grandmom Brackin made Carson a bunny cake.

Carson's Cousins got to come up for his birthday from Spanish fork and his Aunt from Boise he felt so special they came for him.

Carson has been wanting a Nintendo DS for a couple of years now, so I finally got Austin to give in and let him get one if Carson would pay for half. He took fifty dollars of his cruise money and set it aside for his DS. he was so happy, I thought I would have trouble keeping him off of it,but it hasn't been bad at all. He is such a good kid and we love having him in our family he's going to make a good oldest sibling. He is going to kindergarten this fall and he and myself cannot wait! Carson not only got to share his birthday with his aunt Cona it was also Easter. We had a big Easter slash combined birthday party at my mom's house. All kids were there(We should have got a picture) which was Great being It was really kind of sad for me realizing that would be the last family party at that house because they have it for sale so they can live in their RV and travel for their retirement. I know the memories are where you are it's just that is where six kids grew up and now some stranger is probably going to live there. The circle of life goes on I guess and us sibling make our homes the places where memories are made. Little fam update Trace is starting to say words like thank you, mom!, Dad, don't, Yaaaaa, no, and eat. He's a big eater and is keeping me on my feet all day. I only have 80 days left until the new babe is here, I'm feeling well and looking large. Trying to keep going to the gym as long as I can, seems to be helping have only gained 8lbs, but I wasn't beautifully thin to begin with. Have to do the glucose test this week. YUCK! Not real great at updating the blog so next time just might be new baby pics!