Friday, May 15, 2009


Carson's Cousins were in town so I asked them to spend the night and they started the day at the park and they had a lot of fun. I think they are all pretty good at that fake smile. Hey at least I can get a fake one I can't even get that out of Austin. Then they wanted to put the sprinkler under the trampoline. Next thing I know they are silent and I'm thinkin I haven't hear them for a long time..... which is never a good thing. In checking on them I find they have found the soot in the fire pit in the back yard and covered themselves in it, trying to look like power rangers. I couldn't get mad they were have the best time ever, and doing a fine job at using their imaginations :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preschool / Playgroup

Last Fall I was fortunate enough to be invited into a preschool/playgroup. It has been so fun! These are the kids that I got to teach and play with every fourth Monday. This last Monday was the last day at my house so I sent them on a treasure hunt and they LOVED it. Now they get to go to Kindergarten and they are ready there so SMART! Myself and Carson will miss them coming over, but everyone must grow up!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Practice

The boys have been needing there pictures taken since they both just hit a milestone. Five for Carson and 6months for Trace so I just threw them together for convenience. My Friend Hannah has been wanting to do photography so I let her do the pictures I thought they turned out better than anywhere I could take them and pay for pictures so it's a win win for me and her. The boys were really good. Carson kept wanting to do his fake smile and Trace was trying to eat anything he could grab. Our family photos haven't been done since Carson was like six months old. Hannah was taking pictures up willow flats and got one of that cute bridge so maybe next time we'll have to go there and do some of our family.

Austin is a great dad when his children are "old enough to tie there shoes" so this is just a great photo of him with Trace (the baby) makes him uptight but he's trying. This one was not part of our photo shoot just random.

I loved this Personality shot we got of Carson.