Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tight wad!

My two youngest hit picture ages so I needed to get some pictures done. Bla Who! what! where! when! how much!? I just didn't want to deal with that so I just pulled the camera out and started snapping. It's just sad, i tell ya ,that i don't have the patience for child number two, to take him somewhere, hope that he's happy, keep him CLEAN until we get there, then pay for pictures I don't like. I'll just tell him when he's older (like he'll ever care he's a BOY) that he was to difficult to take pictures of at home for FREE, so I wouldn't take him some where to pay for pictures. Now When there older and will cooperate that is a different story. Also if I ever have a little girl that will care about her baby pictures I will definitely pay to have some good pictures done of her cause she will want them later :) I thought Dayne's turned out pretty cute way better than Carson's at this age that I paid for. The cutest one I forgot to take off the diaper. I just LoVe the cute little tiny baby bums. Trace is all full of expressions but just runs from the camera, so that makes it rather difficult. Just have to zoom in and try to snap when he looks. Carson has his pictures done in the same little suit that Trace is in at two. I want to do all the boys in that suit at two so we can compare later. We also need some family pics done now that we have anew member maybe we'll wait until spring I've never done any that time of year any ideas of where??

Saturday, October 16, 2010

ZOO?? with DAD

I must say I never thought this day would come that Austin would go to the zoo with us!! But guess what he did :) It really helped that he's been out of work for the last two months cause he had back surgery and was bored out of his mind. We planned it during the week so we could avoid the crowds man didwe screw up, I guess it was UEA week in Utah which means don't go to Utah period. It was so packed but we still got to see everything. We have just loved having Austin home for the last two months. I thought he would drive me to drink, but really I don't want him to go back Monday. It 's been nice to have my "hunny do's" DONE. Now it's hunting season so I wont be seeing him after work either. My boys are all growing up and I really need to get Trace's 2yr pics done and Dayne's 3mo pictures done so hopefully soon I'll be posting them. I was just going to take them to JC pennies,but that is so old fashioned now, who does a good job and is cheap? :)