Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is the second time in my life that I have felt like I am really not in control. We are expecting child #3 at a huge surprise for us since Trace is only 14 months and I was trying to prevent this from happening. When I think of the reality of two children under two in diapers constantly needing my attention..... I get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach and wonder if I can do this? The other part of me says God would not have sent me this blessing if I could not handle it. Being that I was trying to prevent this from happening and it happened anyway... must mean that it is meant to be. For all of you reading this come July first you may not see me for approximately 2-4 years unless you come to my house to see me. I just can't imagine going out with three children and only two arms. Carson will go to school next fall so that will help with my outings. Carson says in his prayers every night that I am having two girls so I hope that he is right with the girl part...the two part??? would be nice in about eight years but extremely difficult for the next four. We will be happy with a healthy baby and mother.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween TIme

Here are most the grand kids posing for a Halloween pic at Steph's Halloween party Halloween night. Carson is Darth Vader and Trace is A little Devil how fitting. Could not get Carson to trick or treat this year he just wanted to open the door for trick or treaters. That's OK we don't need the candy on my butt or on the kids teeth.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My baby's growin up ;(

All my presents!

Yummy cake!

My Baby Turns One!

Trace Turned One today! I felt like it was Carson's birthday though because he was buggin me all day to open the presents Pleeeeaase! I just want to play with one mom. I had to keep telling him it's not your birthday it's Trace's. Then later Trace went to bed Carson played with his toys as much as he could. So it's been a fun day we didn't have a big party or anything cause he's only one and I am sure he will have many many party's when he gets older so we'll skip that while we can :) I have been so blessed to have older brothers that have had children before me so I get all the hand-me-downs, so there was nothing Trace really needed so I had to get him something so he got some new toys! We are truly blessed to have him in our family he has taught all of us much patients :} Happy Birthday Trace We love ya! Hope you liked the blowing out of the candle and eating the cake video it took forever to upload!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bear With....

WARNING!!! Cheesy material below!
I have been looking all over the house for my journal and it's nowhere to be found. I just keep feeling like I need to write down some things that I have been thinking about latley. I'm not sure why but I have just been extremely HAPPY lately! I will need this post to refer to when I am feelling down. So here it goes. I watch Dr. Phil, Oprah, News, and Glenn Beck, and on these programs you see a lot of families fighting, couples divorcing, and bad cruel things happening in this world and country. It's not just tv either I hear to often of families fueding or mom and dad divorcing in our little town of Preston. I am so happy to know that I love my brothers, sisters, and parents and that they love me. I would do anything for them and I know they would do anything for me. Which wouldn't have happened if we did not have parents that brought us up right! I am greatly in debt to my mom and dad for all that they have sacrificed for me. I feel this debt grow deeper as my children grow older and I realize the HARD work involved with raising a family. I once heard that you pick your parents before you are born? I made the right choice. For had my parents been super "religious" I would not be with my husband today. We started "dating" in the 8th grade and have never been separated since. Austin is another contributing factor to my happenis. (ha ha inside joke) I was raised by my mother and so I always wanted the same for my children. Now it's a reality, I am living what I always wanted too! Like I said I'm just happy lately and I just needed to give credit where credit was due, and that is to my husband, parents, family, and extended family, I just love them all so much and am so lucky to have so many fantastic people around me! I really could go on forever, but I'l hold the extra cheese :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Girls Night!

Went to Thriller with Sheila, Steph, Trista, Kaylyn and Elaine tonight we had a lot of fun eating at Texas Roadhouse then seeing Thriller. There are some amazing dancers in that show, Makes me wish I could dance like that. The zombies were quite fun they kept us laughing!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bye Bye :(

My Mom and Dad Left for the winter this week and I am feeling lost and alone. They were camp hosts all summer which I think was good it partially weened me. They were still only like an hour away and I could still go see them. Now they are like across two states and I can only call, e-mail or drive for two days to see them. I hope they have a nice retirement, but deep down inside I hope this being gone from the family ALL THE TIME will get old. (Ya right) anyway I am just feeling left behind, but I will get over it I'm sure. Hey at least I got to see them for like three hours before they left.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are for sale!

I'm not sure what has gotten into us but we are selling everything it seems like. Our house has been for sale for about two years now, but just in the last week Austin has been going throught things and cleaning them up to sell mostly stuff we just don't use and is worth a little cash. To see more pics of our home you can go to and just type in the 83263 zip code and you should be able to find it. We have two homes and are feeling like it's time to get ride of one with the economy the way it is. We have never lived "in Town" so that being where our other house is thats why we want to sell the one in Riverdale. 279,000.00 is what it appraised for so thats what were asking.
This is or cute little teardrop camper that Austin built in like... 2004?? It has been the best little thing for camping until Trace. We just don't fit anymore. It has lights in the cabin and kitchen a ceiling vent and a bunk inside for one child under four feet and then can sleep two small adult inside. We have priced these on the internet and there are rediculously expensive for how small they are I think. We have seen them from 5,000 to 14,000. We have ours priced at 3,750.00. We can't go camping anywhere without someone saying "where'd you get that camper?" Then when Austin says "I made it" they are just dumbfounded. We are sad to sell our cute little camper but we need something bigger.
Cute little kitche area in the back for all your food, and cooler. The sink really works!
Now this Little motorcycle has been fun, but Earlyer this summer Austin got a four wheeler so now we don't use this little guy. We can all fit on the four wheeler but not this. It's a Hondo CT90. It's fun to take camping if you go where they don't allow four wheels. You'll have to call Austin 852-6227 to see what he wants for this he has it on Ksl but i'm not sure of the price.
This is a shot gun that Austin also got from doing a tile job and has never used so he wants to sell it. It's a gorgeous gun from turkey and i think he has it on for $450?? again call him for sure.
I know he has some other thing in the works that he wants to sell. A Mini Lathe is one I know of, but will update as it comes availabe. Just if your wondering we are doing fine, we are just feeling overwhelmed with stuff.

Monday, August 17, 2009

~~~Weekend Getaway~~~

This is the cute little cabin we all stayed in. We were glad we didn't camp in got in the 30's at night

Trying to find the tetons through the clouds.


All wet suited up to float the snake.

All summer we have been wanting to go and float the snake river, so we finally did it this weekend. We invited Austin's brothers family and they had been wanting to go to Yellowstone so we hit them both in one weekend. We had a once in a lifetime experience thanks to my mother. She found out that we were going and they had been wanting to go to Jackson hole just for fun! So it was all just perfect Timing which never happens to us. So the once in a lifetime experience was rafting the river WITH Clint and Leslie and NO KIDS! Thanks Mom for taking them It was a great trip! So on to Yellowstone we go and I hadn't been in probably four years and I always forget how beautiful it is there, you could honestly spend a week seeing everything we just drove in the south entrance out the west. We did go about and hour out of the way to see Mammoth hot spring and it was well worth it they were amazing. Then on our way home we went through Island Park so we went over and saw the Mesa falls. We got home a little late but the memories will last forever.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Carson the wreslter

I caught this face by accident but i LOVED it! Carson had a ball wrestling, the coaches were great they made him feel like he was there absolute favorite, and best of all the power aide! Thanks to the coaches for putting such a great camp together.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just cute!

Trace likes to open his mouth for anything that gets near it. Just a taste.

I had to post these adorable pictures of Trace with his Daddy layin on the grass that Hannah snapped. Austin was pooped after a fierce game of badmitted and croquet in the back yard. Were getting excited for some fun events coming up...My family camp trip is over the 24th of July for five days, then it's rodeo weekend and Carson is riding a sheep on Saturday night, then Carson is going to play soccer this fall he's soo excited. So I will post the good times stay tuned!

Friday, July 10, 2009

What we've been up to

Over the fourth of July we went to My mom campground that she is camp hosting at and it's right by Bear Lake, and this is one of the entries in a sandcastle building contest. Really cool
On our way home we went hiking up to Bloomington lake.

Carson has been taking swimming lessons at Riverdale resort and was swimming the second day!
Trace did not like the sand at bear lake.
We Also have been going swimming a lot we went to Lava and that was really fun great area were Carson could touch so I didn't have to worry about him. Kid friendly slides and best of all Wedgie slides. Cowabunga bay was our latest adventure it's in Draper and It is awesome don't go there if you don;t want to get wet cause there is no getting around it. It has like 10 or so slides for tiny kids up to grown up kids. They were all really fun. Thanks for going with me Kambree. Carson was to much of a chicken should have sent him with Alyssa :) Got a nice sunburn while there so now I have a serious tan line. Thanks Steph for the invite it was great fun and thanks Hannah for taking my baby Trace all day so I could go. See Steph's blog for pics I forgot the camera.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Four Wheelin... in the rain

It was a beautiful day until we get up the canyon to go on a four wheeler ride and then the sky turn black and it starts to rain. We didn't let it stop us though, we were prepared with wet gear so we still had a great time!!
We got stuck in some snow so we had to get off and push. Well Carson decided to get off as they were pushing the four wheeler and got pulled under the tire luckily he was OK and just got a little strawberry on his bum.
When it started hailing we pulled over under some trees and Austin built a fire so we could stay dry.
At willow flats in the river. Carson loved it!
Hannah was messing with the settings on her camera so I was posing for her.

We saw twin baby moose.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Were beginning to wonder about Carson?? When he was one we could not find him anywhere, after further, deeper searching I found him sound asleep curled up in a ball under our computer desk. Then I'm just going about my day thinking Carson is being really quiet so I better go see what he is doing, there he is again curled up on the fourth stair sleeping. Around maybe 2 or 3 I'm feeding him in his high chair then I go to get him out and he's sleeping with his head resting on the table. Maybe a year later once again Carson is being really quiet and hes sleeping across the top of the three stools at the bar in the kitchen, arms dangling down, droolin. Then this last time was just last week he was with dad machining at work and Austin said he was playing in the cabinet and next thing he knew he was silent, well that is why he fell fast asleep on tools and metal. I read up about narcolepsy and I think the little guy just plays so hard when he's tired it doesn't matter where he sleeps. Narcolepsy symptoms are randomly sleeping in the middle of the day, and his sleep episodes are in the evening. I think we'll be ok.

Poky pool

I have really been enjoying this new camera look at these great action photos it takes. Thanks Kalie

The kids loved this kiddie pool that went from o -1ft deep with a water playground in the middle. I think that I like this place even more than the Logan pool. It has a lazy river with gaming pool in the middle of the river it was really fun.
I don't know how but last week we picked the only sunny day of this entirely long spring to go to the poky pool. We went with Carson's cousins Clay, Lance, Kyle and Aunt Leslie. Our families are getting to big to car pool anymore so I need a Minivan :) So if anyone knows of one for sale for a great deal please let me know.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Admit it your Addicted

Austin's father got a sailboat last summer and I swear Austin is addicted now. Whenever there is a slight breeze he runs and gets the sailboat to put in the lake.

We did get some pretty good wind for a tilt that put the windows in the water so it was an exciting time. Carson was a little scared though. Look at the boat compared to land that is tilt:)

Swimming at Riverdale

Carson got a wild hair and asked me if we could go swimming at that place by our house? So we called up some cousins to see if they wanted to come with us and we had a good time. Kieran Jumpin off the diving board. While Carson watches.
Kendall had to spend all her money so here she is having her lunch.... a push up.
Trace is my water baby he loves to splash, but it's kinda hard to get a picture of him in the water when I have to hold him. I need to get him a floaty.

Carson trying to get up the courage to jump off the diving board by jumping off the side of the pool first.

It was cleaner than the last time I went. It is untreated spring water and they clean it every Sunday and I was there on a Thursday so we'll have to start going on Mondays:)

Austin Project

Austin comes in the house and tells me that he bought a boat, after I calm myself and almost kill him he says come look at it it's in the driveway. This is what I saw......... ya. Then I'm mad cause I thought he paid money for but he traded his mechanic skills for it. So I was OK with that.

His plan is to fix it up and have our own part barge boat to go play on or be the floating dock where you get dropped off to rest between the speed boat and the sailboat of his parents. Should be a fun time. All in due time.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Carson's Cousins were in town so I asked them to spend the night and they started the day at the park and they had a lot of fun. I think they are all pretty good at that fake smile. Hey at least I can get a fake one I can't even get that out of Austin. Then they wanted to put the sprinkler under the trampoline. Next thing I know they are silent and I'm thinkin I haven't hear them for a long time..... which is never a good thing. In checking on them I find they have found the soot in the fire pit in the back yard and covered themselves in it, trying to look like power rangers. I couldn't get mad they were have the best time ever, and doing a fine job at using their imaginations :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preschool / Playgroup

Last Fall I was fortunate enough to be invited into a preschool/playgroup. It has been so fun! These are the kids that I got to teach and play with every fourth Monday. This last Monday was the last day at my house so I sent them on a treasure hunt and they LOVED it. Now they get to go to Kindergarten and they are ready there so SMART! Myself and Carson will miss them coming over, but everyone must grow up!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Practice

The boys have been needing there pictures taken since they both just hit a milestone. Five for Carson and 6months for Trace so I just threw them together for convenience. My Friend Hannah has been wanting to do photography so I let her do the pictures I thought they turned out better than anywhere I could take them and pay for pictures so it's a win win for me and her. The boys were really good. Carson kept wanting to do his fake smile and Trace was trying to eat anything he could grab. Our family photos haven't been done since Carson was like six months old. Hannah was taking pictures up willow flats and got one of that cute bridge so maybe next time we'll have to go there and do some of our family.

Austin is a great dad when his children are "old enough to tie there shoes" so this is just a great photo of him with Trace (the baby) makes him uptight but he's trying. This one was not part of our photo shoot just random.

I loved this Personality shot we got of Carson.