Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little of what I've been up to...

Look what Santa(the ups man) Brought me :))) The UPS man is Like Santa for Adults ya know. After Years of wanting this kitchen machine I finally got it with my very own money from selling Shelf Reliance. I couldn't wait to make bread! So as the top picture shows I made three beautiful loafs of Whole wheat bread. And when they were risen to perfection I went to heat the oven and it wouldn't heat!! I.WAS.PISSED Finally got the recipe right and the machine to do it and now the oven, so the bread went to the trash yes.... the trash. And the part for the oven wont be here til next week ! On a much happier note I got all the below products for around thirty bucks with coupons! I love it. Cascade I got paid two cents, diapers $4 Gain $3.50 tampons $1 Soap 45 cents deoderant.50 cents herbal essence $1 tide $4
Here is my Trace again falling asleep in random places. He is on the back deck this time:D Silly guy
And he loves taking Douglas for rides in the shopping cart:D
We have also been remodeling our camper And I have been sewing, Cushions, Curtains, and blankets for it. Still need to get some pics though.

I love life . . .

Friday, September 16, 2011

Some fun Lately

Loook!! It's me in a picture. Went boating and camping at Glendale it was fun! except that we were camped in a beehive. Everyone got stung Except Carson and Austin. DANG things! And that we were camped in a tent.... ya that got us working on getting our camper remodeled so we have it for next year!! Pics coming soon We really wanted to go to Oneida Narrows But Austin was on call and had to be where he got service. He never got called. o well
There is me again! Squinting from the sun. Trace Cute Kinley and Trista
Labor day we took the kids over to go through minitonka cave and It's the same as it was two years ago. Don't know why they always get so excited to go? I did See an old Friend while there So that was worth it. This is Dayne Super happy to be in the cave:)
Our most recent family picture and probably only one since Dayne arrived a year ago. I know Hannah. Sooon Real soon!
My Handsome hub being photogenic.