Friday, January 28, 2011

Trace My little angel

When I realize that it's been about a half hour and i haven't heard or seen Trace this is not what I usually find. But I will take this over the other any day of the week :)
Little devil they don't call it terrible two's for nothin.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's complicated

So I don't try to make things easy for myself at all. Not only am I on my third try potty training Trace I decided to kick Dayne out of our bed at night also. I must say maybe third time is a charm with Trace he is doing well were on our third day and only two accidents today! I am the one seeming to get frustrated it's always easier to just throw a diaper on them. Not Trace he's always excited to go potty so he can get a sucker. BUT He does NOT want to sleep in Carson's bed with him He wants his crib still which is why Dayne ended up in our bed. Then I remembered I had a pack n play that i could put him in, cause the longer you let them in your bed the harder it is to GET THEM OUT! I thought this process was going horribly until i read on baby center that when some couples do the "cry it out method" the kids can cry for up to an HOUR! Dayne's max is like 20 mins. I am not really liking the whole cry it out thing, it breaks my heart, but it worked with Trace and he is still my best sleeper. Dayne will go to bed about 9 or 10 and sleep till 4. It must be from nursing but I have never had one sleep through the night until there one. Which doesn't really bother me only because I don't have to get up early for work. My hat goes off to mothers that work AND have small children whew. I don't know that I ever will....... but i have been researching adoption lately. That is just a sure thing for me to get a little girl and I could adopt a four year old and wouldn't have to deal with DIAPERS and NURSING again. With my track record odds are I will get another boy and I love my boys, I would just absolutely love a girl. Just to experience both:) I guess god knows all thing and gives you what you can handle so maybe i can't handle a girl?