Thursday, July 15, 2010

HE'S here

I have been a slacker at getting this post up but with good reason. HE! Is finally here after being five days late he was 7lbs 9 oz and length was 21.5 in the exact same size as Carson. I really though I was Pregnant with a Girl this time, because of how emotional I was while pregnant. THREE Boys what am I going to do when they are all teenagers and eat like horses! I will try one more time for my little Girl but that is all! We named him Dayne Brackin and Carson keeps asking me if we can change his name because he can't remember it :) He is one week old and is a really good baby. I will take more pictures and post them later.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I feel this is blog worthy! I am going stir crazy all I can think about every second and every little movement or pain is THE BABY'S I am now counting the days that I am overdue! I have a doctors app on the 8th and at that point I have to know if I want to be induced or be tested to see if the placenta and baby are OK. I am hopping I don't make it that long, but if I do I think I will opt for testing??? I don't know! I've never heard good things about being induced but I know people do it ALL THE TIME! Then if testing comes back good he will let me go to 42 weeks then I have to be induced. At least we know this baby will be here by July 15th, But please let it be before then. Austin is going nuts cause he wants to plan all these weekend trips but it's all pending baby day! We want to go to Bear Lake tomorrow since he has work off for the fourth, but who knows. In the mean time I've been getting multiple calls from people "no baby yet?" and I know they are just concerned, but it's already driving me crazy enough. So thanks to those of you that just check on me weekly, instead of 3X's a day :) To top everything off I think Trace wants to potty train he wont keep his diaper on and wants to sit on the potty all the time. In times like this I always like to refer to words of wisdom from a great friend "This To Shall Pass."