Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Updates

Our little Windser dog has gone to heaven. He didn't see that Austin was pulling a trailer and was following behind the truck when the tire ran him over :( I wont go into details. I want another dog I just think kids should grow up with dogs but they just don't seem to last at our house. At least the last two haven't been hit on the highway like the rest. Highway: Rusty, Scooter1, Scooter2, and sunny. Then Enzo got stolen and Windser run over in the drive way. What dog will we have next dunno?? Kalie is really wanting us to take a Great Dayne/German shepard that she got from a lady. The dog is sweet but Austin says no! I am feeling more and more lately like I want a guard dog. I know Really in Preston, but I do.
Had to post this great pic me and my girls got done at lagoon it was freakin fun!! Me and Trista had to dress in the same room and that was interesting. Those expensive looking outfits were clamped together in the back with clamps. Real expensive!
Today I have to go to the doctor :/ I don't like it but I have to. Hopefully nothing to serious. On a happier note I am excited for my birthday coming up I got Austin to go to a pickleville play with me. Then christmas is Going to be sweet. Kids make christmas so much fun!! I've been teaching them the last couple weeks the true meaning of christmas. At the Valley Implement Christmas Party last week Austin Won and Ipad 2!!! He is such a lucky sucker, 3rd year in a row he has won! I wanted a Kindle Fire for my Birthday and he said I could have the Ipad if I 'd rather. Ha Ya i'll take it!! What a sweety, love him!! MERRY CHRISTmas everyone looking forward to reading all your christmas posts!!