Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Update

Baby update! Went to the doc today and he said he could not be happier with my progress. (Which if you know Dr.B he doesn't ever say those kinda things) He said my weight :( is good my size is good, the babies heartbeat was normal and my blood pressure is perfect. That it's time for an ultrasound if I would like one. With Trace we had no insurance so we opted not to pay for one unless the doc thought I needed one, so with this one we planned to have insurance but with it happening quicker than expected no insurance so we will not be having an ultrasound. That is unless my other mother Marilyn gets me another FREE one like she did with Trace! No pressure though :) Thanks Marilyn

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whatta Dad!

Some of the Elk at Hardware ranch.
In the evening of New years Day We went to the Hardware Ranch And went on the Horse drawn carriage ride through the elk that come down in the winter to eat. Elaine planned this event but was to late to go on the ride. We met up for dinner afterwards. Check out the cool snowflake by my eye.

Austin went ice fishing new years day, while gone he received a call from Carson saying he wanted to build a snow fort when he got home. Austin said OK and about five hours after he got home this is what was in the back yard. Of course Carson only helped for about the first hour then began sleigh riding, eating snow and just watching. Last year Carson asked me the same thing and I only made it about half the size of this one. That's why DAD'S are so Important!