Monday, June 15, 2009

Four Wheelin... in the rain

It was a beautiful day until we get up the canyon to go on a four wheeler ride and then the sky turn black and it starts to rain. We didn't let it stop us though, we were prepared with wet gear so we still had a great time!!
We got stuck in some snow so we had to get off and push. Well Carson decided to get off as they were pushing the four wheeler and got pulled under the tire luckily he was OK and just got a little strawberry on his bum.
When it started hailing we pulled over under some trees and Austin built a fire so we could stay dry.
At willow flats in the river. Carson loved it!
Hannah was messing with the settings on her camera so I was posing for her.

We saw twin baby moose.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Were beginning to wonder about Carson?? When he was one we could not find him anywhere, after further, deeper searching I found him sound asleep curled up in a ball under our computer desk. Then I'm just going about my day thinking Carson is being really quiet so I better go see what he is doing, there he is again curled up on the fourth stair sleeping. Around maybe 2 or 3 I'm feeding him in his high chair then I go to get him out and he's sleeping with his head resting on the table. Maybe a year later once again Carson is being really quiet and hes sleeping across the top of the three stools at the bar in the kitchen, arms dangling down, droolin. Then this last time was just last week he was with dad machining at work and Austin said he was playing in the cabinet and next thing he knew he was silent, well that is why he fell fast asleep on tools and metal. I read up about narcolepsy and I think the little guy just plays so hard when he's tired it doesn't matter where he sleeps. Narcolepsy symptoms are randomly sleeping in the middle of the day, and his sleep episodes are in the evening. I think we'll be ok.

Poky pool

I have really been enjoying this new camera look at these great action photos it takes. Thanks Kalie

The kids loved this kiddie pool that went from o -1ft deep with a water playground in the middle. I think that I like this place even more than the Logan pool. It has a lazy river with gaming pool in the middle of the river it was really fun.
I don't know how but last week we picked the only sunny day of this entirely long spring to go to the poky pool. We went with Carson's cousins Clay, Lance, Kyle and Aunt Leslie. Our families are getting to big to car pool anymore so I need a Minivan :) So if anyone knows of one for sale for a great deal please let me know.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Admit it your Addicted

Austin's father got a sailboat last summer and I swear Austin is addicted now. Whenever there is a slight breeze he runs and gets the sailboat to put in the lake.

We did get some pretty good wind for a tilt that put the windows in the water so it was an exciting time. Carson was a little scared though. Look at the boat compared to land that is tilt:)

Swimming at Riverdale

Carson got a wild hair and asked me if we could go swimming at that place by our house? So we called up some cousins to see if they wanted to come with us and we had a good time. Kieran Jumpin off the diving board. While Carson watches.
Kendall had to spend all her money so here she is having her lunch.... a push up.
Trace is my water baby he loves to splash, but it's kinda hard to get a picture of him in the water when I have to hold him. I need to get him a floaty.

Carson trying to get up the courage to jump off the diving board by jumping off the side of the pool first.

It was cleaner than the last time I went. It is untreated spring water and they clean it every Sunday and I was there on a Thursday so we'll have to start going on Mondays:)

Austin Project

Austin comes in the house and tells me that he bought a boat, after I calm myself and almost kill him he says come look at it it's in the driveway. This is what I saw......... ya. Then I'm mad cause I thought he paid money for but he traded his mechanic skills for it. So I was OK with that.

His plan is to fix it up and have our own part barge boat to go play on or be the floating dock where you get dropped off to rest between the speed boat and the sailboat of his parents. Should be a fun time. All in due time.