Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok so the pics below the top is Dayne and the bottom is Trace :)

While I'm on here I need to rant quickly. I NEED an nanny!! It is like pulling teeth to get Austin to watch his children for four hours. I feel like I am always looking for a babysitter!! I signed up to do a booth for Shelf Reliance at the lewiston 4th of July parade and festivities. I don't know what I was thinking >:| I thought o it's a monday Austin will be at work I wont have any trouble finding a sitter on a monday. HELLOOOOO it's a holiday Austin doesn't have to work and no one wants more than there own kids on a Holiday!! I'lll Probably end up canceling it. I just can't seem to do anything right in this life, i'm a slow learner I guess ?? BBBLAAHhh

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who's Who

Do you know which picture is Trace and which picture is Dayne???

Thursday, June 16, 2011


OK so yesterday I ran for 60 minutes, burned 666 calories and went 16 laps according to my treadmill???? Interesting hmmmm. I wasn't shooting for devil numbers or anything (or is he seven)? It just ended up that way. You were right Kandice if you can make it to three miles :) you do get a new burst of energy, and I just felt like go go going all day long.. I mowed, and watered the grass, weeded, and watered the garden. On top of all the other things I do every other day like laundry, beat oops i mean feed kids, clean kids, dress kids, clean up after kids. then repeat. And To make it sound even better I have horrible allergies and sinus pressure right now. I hope that I can keep this up cause I want to loose 30 lbs :/ So on top of the exercise I am also trying to watch what I eat better and portions as well. It's also a very motivating thing when your husband tells you your starting to get pudgy :{ I need to get a high school picture of me to look at cause it's happened so slowly I don't really notice it until I look back at, I wouldn't say skinny pictures but, thiner pictures ':|

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Coupon deal!!!

Ok All that you see pictured was under ten bucks!! I know its not food but when you see these deals its hard to pass them up. What you see is One box 20 count tampax pearl, 8 packs hand sanitizing wipes and 15 packs of gum. EEEAAKK!!! I was so Stoked. That pays for my paper subscription for a couple months anyway??

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cherry Creek

Our Best Family members invited us to go camping this last weekend and after a couple hours of going to different camp sites and finding them FULL we finally found what I thought was a GREAT! spot, that I have never been, up CHERRY CREEK. There were lots of four wheeler trails to ride the four Wheelers. (As I was just typing the above Carson came in and Said MOM! What does that say Don't put Windser on sale!!)

Windser is cute isn't he? He possed so cute for this picture. He also likes to ride on the four wheelers. He doesn't like to be left alone so we brought him along. We almost left him when we stopped on one of our rides and he had to swim across the river ; \
Here is sweeet Clay :) He is just getting used to riding his big wheel motor cycle. He is one of Carson's favorite cousins.
Lance on the back another favorite cousin. Then never stopped riding this little four wheeler.
Our camp and cute little trailer that we pulled all the kids in when we would go for four wheeler rides.
Trace is such a ham he loved getting dirty he wasn't sure about camping he kept saying Go home, Go Home?And he would hold his hands out. Dayne now on the other hand cried for probably an hour in the night because he was out of his routine and did NOT like that at all. He has still got ear infections so we'll blame it on that instead. He is also cutting another tooth so he's been little mr. Grumpy the last few days. All in ALL in was a GREAT time! We got to ride the four wheelers through rivers and over rocks, through the mud. The kids were just having a ball and even Dayne was ok with it, most rides he would just fall asleep. Best of all I got a tan on my arms! YAAY for Summer!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Becoming OCD

I am getting Obssesive Couponing Disorder! Just went last night to a couponing class to figure out how these ladies are saving all this money with coupons?? I've never been able to do what they do, But It all makes sense now!! This is with only a max of fifteen minutes on the computer and normal time in the grocery store as well. I also have a slight connection to get extra coupons, "My friend" delivers the herald Journal and some sundays they have extras!! BONUS!!!! I can't believe she doesn't coupon but if she hooks me up I will make it worth her while :) So you want all the info don't you? The web site is and the pass code is g84cac then find the store you want to shop at in the drop down bar. Everything with four or five stars is the best deals with your coupon, select the items you want cut your coupons and wall-a! you just got finish dishwasher detergent for .80 cents!!! You must subscribe to the paper to get your coupons the herald journal will give you five sunday papers, every sunday for $18 per month. Which will pay for itself the first time you go shopping!! You can also Become friends with Alison Anderson on Facebook as the Coupon Gal and you can ask her any questions on there.

Ok on to other news, We will be getting our water back today!!!! I feel like it's Christmas!! At least this time is was only two weeks and not two months without water Also only $ 240 instead of 2,000 like the first time. Austin is so handy and most times it saves us a ton of money. Also I am on my twentieth consecutive day running on the treadmill for 30 minutes!! I thought the other day while running how frustrating it is to not be able to get skinny faster
=/ but then I thought well it's taken me seven years and three babies to gain this thirty pounds? Can I really expect it to shrink off in one month. (It be nice though wouldn't it) I at-least need to try to stick to a workout routine for nine months and see if i'm happier with my results then. Ultimately I need to just make it a part of my lifestyle and learn to love it, but at this point I HATE it!! Another thing I am so excited for is I have been asked to help with a dance routine for the Little Miss Franklin Pageant. That is going to be so fun to teach cute little girls a dance for the pageant held during Idaho Days Festival on June 25th.

Dayne will be eleven months in four days!! My little man is growin to fast! I really love him and he is so fun right now. he just loves his daddy. When Austin gets home he wont take his eye off of him, and if I put him down he crawls right to him and climbs up his leg for dad to pick him up. Then he'll take his binki and try to share it. He only does this to Austin though it's so precious. Dayne has been the only one that has taken this kind of liking to his dad. Trace and Carson were both mama's boys at this age. I would defiantly love a little girl, but I am really lovin the idea of being able to go back to work in only five more years?? Who knows what life will bring, but I am excited for whatever my father in heaven has in store for me. Ok one last thing have you played JUST DANCE I think I LOVE it!!