Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Douglas

This First picture is not Douglas but the varying egg sizes we are getting I think the little ones are so cute and Trace loves waking up everyday and going on a egg hunt :)
This is our newest family member. With Great thanks to Jayson for entering all my children's names in the drawing for a FREE bunny at the fair. Dayne was the lucky winner of this cute lop eared rabbit and since he can't take care of him you see that Carson has very willingly taken on the job. We will see how long that lasts:}

He.....she how do you tell?? Douglas is a very tame rabbit, has not bitten any of the kids and they put there fingers pretty much in his mouth. They hold him and lay with him on the couch and he never tries to get away. He loves lettuce and and his ears rubbed. I must Say we didn't have to spend anything on this bunny cause our friends Jayson and Trista won a bunny last year and it died so they let us use all there stuff. So nice :) You could almost classify us as a farm a rabbit, 12 chickens and a dog. Anyone need eggs?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Twin Lakes

Austin's Bass that he caught at Twin Lakes. He said he hasn't caught one this big since he was in High school. It was 15 -18 inches not sure?
Leslie and I risking our lives letting Ron pull us behind the boat. I can't believe I did this I kept telling Leslie "We have small children we should not be doing this!" And she would answer that it was safer than four wheeling. Thats what I like to do:)
All the kids loved using the tube as a dock while we were at the beach.
Almost all the crew that was there with us. It was especially fun to have Clint and Leslie & Wes and Carolee's Families come play with us.