Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Going out on a Decorating Limb

I am so excited that this turned out so cute!! I am kinda slow in the whole decorating process I know Vinyl has been around for a while but I never knew what to do. Then I met Stacey she does vinyl. So I knew she could give me some ideas and web sites to look at. WHOA! Do they have some dang cute stuff on those web sites I could just order different things all day. This is my first vinyl and I love how it turned out, now we'll see what Austin thinks of it to know if we can do more. I have all kinds of Ideas i want to do but better get the OK from the man. It's Not putting holes in the walls so i think it will be fine. The Best thing is it's CHEAP!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Job!

Ok So I am so excited about this new company! They have the best food! It's so good and the best part is you just take a set amount out of your grocery fund for the month and register online and they will ship the products to you every month. The shelf life of this stuff is longer than it will ever take you to use it because it is so good. Besides all the basic stuff that you can get from the bishops store house they have almost every fruit and vegetable you can imagine, but they don't taste dehydrated or flavorless they are so full of flavor. I just signed up today and can't wait to get my kit so I can begin cooking with this stuff everyday. So if you would like to know more or get some of your own for FREE then let me know and we will schedule you a party.