Thursday, March 8, 2012

Proud mama moments

I am havin a proud mama moment with all my boys right now ;) Carson started wrestling and won both matches coming away with a gold metal great way to start the season! The first kid he won by pinning him and the second he won by points. Trying to upload the video but we'll see.

Trace is finally potty trained!!!! After two months of cleaning up poopy everything. We finally took away all horses and bought new horses, put them all in a box and that was the reward when he did it right he got to pick a horse. Tried this once in the beginning but didn't work something must have just clicked the second go around?? Now hopefully he just keep with it when the horses run out. Two in diapers is not fun.

But we would not be complete if we didn't have our eager to get here baby Dayne. He is sure getting a large vocabulary and beginning on the small phrases. Like "wers th key?" Where is the kitty. "Oh no" "wer r you" "I duno" is a cute one he does and shrugs his shoulders when he sys it;) After having my very slow talker trace it's so nice when they can communicate and tell you what they want. everyone is just happier that way. Dayne is also loving a bat and ball he carries them around all day playing it like golf. Will not allow you to feed him whatsoever. He has got to be my best sleeper, he doesn't like going to bed as much as trace did but once he cries for about a minute he's out for the night and doesn't wake up til sometimes 10 am. it hard to believe he will be two in July! why is time escaping me so quickly. These boys bring me the most joy and sorrow at times, this to shall pass and when it has I think I
will feel like it was to quick, so i am trying to enjoy the journey.