Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carson's Gold

We are So proud of Carson! He is 3 wins 1 loss in his wrestling so far. Yesterday he pinned both kids he wrestled. It was sweet! I put one of the videos up. It's so fun to see him get excited when he wins. The video I put up he was wrestling a kid that has an "uncle Reco" Dad Is what we like to call them, you can hear him and the kids mom yelling at him the entire time. Carson likes to win but he lets it go to his head really quick and starts calling kids "losers"and sayin how easy it was to beat him, I even saw him flip his hair like he was a bad A after he won yesterday. (SO FUNNY) So we try our best to let him know he is doing well wether he wins or looses. He knows when the refs hold up his arm at the end, that he won. We hope he sticks with it. Wrestling is the only thing he has done two years in a row so we'll keep our fingers crossed.