Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tight wad!

My two youngest hit picture ages so I needed to get some pictures done. Bla Who! what! where! when! how much!? I just didn't want to deal with that so I just pulled the camera out and started snapping. It's just sad, i tell ya ,that i don't have the patience for child number two, to take him somewhere, hope that he's happy, keep him CLEAN until we get there, then pay for pictures I don't like. I'll just tell him when he's older (like he'll ever care he's a BOY) that he was to difficult to take pictures of at home for FREE, so I wouldn't take him some where to pay for pictures. Now When there older and will cooperate that is a different story. Also if I ever have a little girl that will care about her baby pictures I will definitely pay to have some good pictures done of her cause she will want them later :) I thought Dayne's turned out pretty cute way better than Carson's at this age that I paid for. The cutest one I forgot to take off the diaper. I just LoVe the cute little tiny baby bums. Trace is all full of expressions but just runs from the camera, so that makes it rather difficult. Just have to zoom in and try to snap when he looks. Carson has his pictures done in the same little suit that Trace is in at two. I want to do all the boys in that suit at two so we can compare later. We also need some family pics done now that we have anew member maybe we'll wait until spring I've never done any that time of year any ideas of where??

Saturday, October 16, 2010

ZOO?? with DAD

I must say I never thought this day would come that Austin would go to the zoo with us!! But guess what he did :) It really helped that he's been out of work for the last two months cause he had back surgery and was bored out of his mind. We planned it during the week so we could avoid the crowds man didwe screw up, I guess it was UEA week in Utah which means don't go to Utah period. It was so packed but we still got to see everything. We have just loved having Austin home for the last two months. I thought he would drive me to drink, but really I don't want him to go back Monday. It 's been nice to have my "hunny do's" DONE. Now it's hunting season so I wont be seeing him after work either. My boys are all growing up and I really need to get Trace's 2yr pics done and Dayne's 3mo pictures done so hopefully soon I'll be posting them. I was just going to take them to JC pennies,but that is so old fashioned now, who does a good job and is cheap? :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

A piece of our summer

Hobie Cat sailing at Twin Lakes. Austin Took his Dad and the wind was so strong it blew the boat over twice. =0
If you haven't done this put it on your list. tubing the portneuf river up at Lava hot springs! Super fun!! We even took Trace and he wanted to go again.

Austin took this post card photograph up at Little Redfish Lake wear my mom and dad are camp hosting. They have been having multiple bears in the area up there. We just camped up there in TENT for five days. Austin was very adimat that I sleep in the tent with him? So I did and everything turned out OK, except for my loss of sleep :/
Austin has been doing a lot of fishing this summer. I'm glad he has got to go because Sept 1st he is having Back surgery and will be layed up for six weeks :/ I am excited to have my man back without pain. I know he'll be a happier person. Also thankful for the food storage we've put up, we'll be needin it while he's out of work.
**Family update**
Carson is starting kindergarten in one week taking him school shopping today. I think I am more excited than he is :) He got Mrs. Wallace which I haven't heard too much good about but were gonna give her a try. Trace has entered in the school of HARD KNOCKS. He has had so many injuries lately. Stepped in a natural hot spring and burned/boiled his foot, Fell down and got a huge fat/split lip, now he has the hugest and deepest sliver in his heel I don't know what I'm going to do about that it's just to deep :/ Dayne is getting to look like a little person instead of a wrinkled, red, zitty newborn. Still has his days and nights a little mixed up, but were working that out. I just love the infant stage where they can't talk back or throw fits, then they grow up. We have been so blessed in our lives to have these beautiful, healthy children, to live in this great place, that Austin has a job to provide the things we need, and great family and friends around us. So Grateful for our Savior and his Gospel that we have to guide and direct us in this life. I love life and it can only get better from here right! :}

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HE'S here

I have been a slacker at getting this post up but with good reason. HE! Is finally here after being five days late he was 7lbs 9 oz and length was 21.5 in the exact same size as Carson. I really though I was Pregnant with a Girl this time, because of how emotional I was while pregnant. THREE Boys what am I going to do when they are all teenagers and eat like horses! I will try one more time for my little Girl but that is all! We named him Dayne Brackin and Carson keeps asking me if we can change his name because he can't remember it :) He is one week old and is a really good baby. I will take more pictures and post them later.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I feel this is blog worthy! I am going stir crazy all I can think about every second and every little movement or pain is THE BABY'S I am now counting the days that I am overdue! I have a doctors app on the 8th and at that point I have to know if I want to be induced or be tested to see if the placenta and baby are OK. I am hopping I don't make it that long, but if I do I think I will opt for testing??? I don't know! I've never heard good things about being induced but I know people do it ALL THE TIME! Then if testing comes back good he will let me go to 42 weeks then I have to be induced. At least we know this baby will be here by July 15th, But please let it be before then. Austin is going nuts cause he wants to plan all these weekend trips but it's all pending baby day! We want to go to Bear Lake tomorrow since he has work off for the fourth, but who knows. In the mean time I've been getting multiple calls from people "no baby yet?" and I know they are just concerned, but it's already driving me crazy enough. So thanks to those of you that just check on me weekly, instead of 3X's a day :) To top everything off I think Trace wants to potty train he wont keep his diaper on and wants to sit on the potty all the time. In times like this I always like to refer to words of wisdom from a great friend "This To Shall Pass."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boy pics

I decided it was a good time to get my Boy's pictures taken since Trace is 18 months and Carson just turned six and soon I will be busy with a baby! Trace was less than good for his photo shoot and Carson was the biggest poser I've ever seen. They are cute aren't they!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Talk about relief

After almost ten years of not having any kind of medical dental or vision insurance we are FINALLY covered! What a relief it is to know if something happened there would be a cap to all the cost. We planned to just pay for this baby like we paid for our boys Cash out the door and pray for no complications for mom or baby. Because............ the insurance offered at the time through Austins' work had bad coverage and high premiums and deductibles. Well they just changed ins companies and this company has better coverage, lower premiums and deductibles and best of all!!!!!! WILL pay for my pre existing condition being pregnant!! WHAT ! I am so happy and relieved. I feel like a normal person now :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter and Carson turns 6

As you can see grandma hid plenty of eggs for the grand kids to find.
Trace caught on to the game real quick.

Grandmom Brackin made Carson a bunny cake.

Carson's Cousins got to come up for his birthday from Spanish fork and his Aunt from Boise he felt so special they came for him.

Carson has been wanting a Nintendo DS for a couple of years now, so I finally got Austin to give in and let him get one if Carson would pay for half. He took fifty dollars of his cruise money and set it aside for his DS. he was so happy, I thought I would have trouble keeping him off of it,but it hasn't been bad at all. He is such a good kid and we love having him in our family he's going to make a good oldest sibling. He is going to kindergarten this fall and he and myself cannot wait! Carson not only got to share his birthday with his aunt Cona it was also Easter. We had a big Easter slash combined birthday party at my mom's house. All kids were there(We should have got a picture) which was Great being It was really kind of sad for me realizing that would be the last family party at that house because they have it for sale so they can live in their RV and travel for their retirement. I know the memories are where you are it's just that is where six kids grew up and now some stranger is probably going to live there. The circle of life goes on I guess and us sibling make our homes the places where memories are made. Little fam update Trace is starting to say words like thank you, mom!, Dad, don't, Yaaaaa, no, and eat. He's a big eater and is keeping me on my feet all day. I only have 80 days left until the new babe is here, I'm feeling well and looking large. Trying to keep going to the gym as long as I can, seems to be helping have only gained 8lbs, but I wasn't beautifully thin to begin with. Have to do the glucose test this week. YUCK! Not real great at updating the blog so next time just might be new baby pics!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


These little friends would greet you everynight before bed. Towel animals
Austin like photographing our dinner everynight. This night he couldn't decide on one so he ordered both and ate both! Prime rib and lobster Yes it's bloody SICK

Funny sea lion and seal show

Waitin for SHAMU

Carsopn liked this cute little boat

Our trip was absolutely fantastic! Started by dropping Trace at Melinda's which was the best decision we made. Then off to almost miss our flight out of SLC to Oakland then from Oakland to San Diego which that one we did miss. Anyway we made it there. Stayed in the Hampton by Sea World. Went to sea world the next day which I guess was worth the money (EXPENSIVE) cause Carson is still talking about it. He loved the Shamu show and the funny sea lions and the performing cats and dogs. Not to mentions all the cookies popping out at him at the 4D Elmo show. Then off to board the Carnival Elation. Let the eating begin that's the first thing we did after getting on and never stopped until we got off it seemed. Austin and I each gained 4 pounds! We stopped at Cabo where we got our own little cabana for the fam to hang in all day at the beach. We all got sunburns just getting done peeling now. Then to Ensenada where we walked the little shops and Austin wheeled and dealed with the locals on there merchandise. He loved it as for me hate it! From Cabo to Ensenada we had a rough day and night at sea so Austin and myself were a little sea sick, but nothing to serious. Carson loved being able to swim whenever he wanted and best of all get ice cream whenever he wanted. He loved riding the elevator and getting room service while watching cartoons, his forte Chocolate milk, Chocolate cake, And a grilled cheese. I was nervous of something happening with the baby while flying or in MEXICO but were all home safely. This was for sure the best vacation you can do for the money! Would highly recommend it. We really couldn't have gone if it weren't for Melinda Taking Trace for us and Valley Implement paying for our airfare and hotel. HUGE thanks to them!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a few things

I am so ready for summer, and am beginning to get excited for the new baby. Mainly when Trace wont let me cuddle him anymore. I have never wondered more why I live here than this winter, I'm just ready for a long summer full of action and travels. We are going on a **cruise** in a couple of weeks and had I been three days farther along in my pregnancy I would not have been able to go so that was extremely lucky since it's already pd for and no refunds. I am very excited it will be my first cruise experience and first vacation since I was married in Hawaii. We are taking Carson and leaving Trace with Austin's sister in Spanish fork who changed her work schedule so he could stay with her she is so great!
Since we are not having an ultrasound I took one of those
intelligender tests to see what were having...............GIRL!!! Was the result they aren't 100% accurate but what have I got to lose when I had a 100% wrong ultrasound with Carson so ???? I guess we'll see. DON'T TELL AUSTIN he wants to be surprised he generally doesn't read the blog so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Some things I think I want to purchase or Acquire for this baby is a changing table, dresser, and possibly a high chair? We've just always done without what we don't absolutely need. I've never had these things with my two boys and think they would make it much easier than sitting on the floor to change bums. I will be changing PLENTY!
We just signed Carson up for wrestling he is so excited he's been asking all winter "When Wrestling?" They have a lot of tournaments and practices but he needs something to do since he didn't start school he's driving me nutty. Austin is moving his business into the garage so they are coming to insulate today so he doesn't have to freeze. We are praying that will stay consistent or get better :) Thats all for now stay tuned for next post of warm weather and fun!! Bon Voyage

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Update

Baby update! Went to the doc today and he said he could not be happier with my progress. (Which if you know Dr.B he doesn't ever say those kinda things) He said my weight :( is good my size is good, the babies heartbeat was normal and my blood pressure is perfect. That it's time for an ultrasound if I would like one. With Trace we had no insurance so we opted not to pay for one unless the doc thought I needed one, so with this one we planned to have insurance but with it happening quicker than expected no insurance so we will not be having an ultrasound. That is unless my other mother Marilyn gets me another FREE one like she did with Trace! No pressure though :) Thanks Marilyn

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whatta Dad!

Some of the Elk at Hardware ranch.
In the evening of New years Day We went to the Hardware Ranch And went on the Horse drawn carriage ride through the elk that come down in the winter to eat. Elaine planned this event but was to late to go on the ride. We met up for dinner afterwards. Check out the cool snowflake by my eye.

Austin went ice fishing new years day, while gone he received a call from Carson saying he wanted to build a snow fort when he got home. Austin said OK and about five hours after he got home this is what was in the back yard. Of course Carson only helped for about the first hour then began sleigh riding, eating snow and just watching. Last year Carson asked me the same thing and I only made it about half the size of this one. That's why DAD'S are so Important!