Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Updates

Our little Windser dog has gone to heaven. He didn't see that Austin was pulling a trailer and was following behind the truck when the tire ran him over :( I wont go into details. I want another dog I just think kids should grow up with dogs but they just don't seem to last at our house. At least the last two haven't been hit on the highway like the rest. Highway: Rusty, Scooter1, Scooter2, and sunny. Then Enzo got stolen and Windser run over in the drive way. What dog will we have next dunno?? Kalie is really wanting us to take a Great Dayne/German shepard that she got from a lady. The dog is sweet but Austin says no! I am feeling more and more lately like I want a guard dog. I know Really in Preston, but I do.
Had to post this great pic me and my girls got done at lagoon it was freakin fun!! Me and Trista had to dress in the same room and that was interesting. Those expensive looking outfits were clamped together in the back with clamps. Real expensive!
Today I have to go to the doctor :/ I don't like it but I have to. Hopefully nothing to serious. On a happier note I am excited for my birthday coming up I got Austin to go to a pickleville play with me. Then christmas is Going to be sweet. Kids make christmas so much fun!! I've been teaching them the last couple weeks the true meaning of christmas. At the Valley Implement Christmas Party last week Austin Won and Ipad 2!!! He is such a lucky sucker, 3rd year in a row he has won! I wanted a Kindle Fire for my Birthday and he said I could have the Ipad if I 'd rather. Ha Ya i'll take it!! What a sweety, love him!! MERRY CHRISTmas everyone looking forward to reading all your christmas posts!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New family photos!!!

We had to do something to get the kids to smile again. Look at what a sweet camera she has caught the leaves in mid air.
We love fall so we always like one with he beautiful colors.
Had to get one of just us. When I look at pictures with all of us it's hard to believe I have THREE children already I still feel like i'm 20!!
Really wish Dayne would let us put him down, it would have been cute if he stood on the left of trace. O well Kids will be kids.
Austin made us crawl through a bunch of roughage and metal to get to this spot. Glad we did it turned out to be our favorite despite the pudge hangen over my pants:/
This one shows how happy Trace was the whole time! We were way overdue for family photos. I asked my great Friend that likes photography to take them for us and we really got a deal cause she did a professional job, for a non professional price :) She really should go into buisness for photography. Thanks So Much Kandice!

Monday, October 24, 2011

deals deals

quarter a piece
only paid tax for these toys :D

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little of what I've been up to...

Look what Santa(the ups man) Brought me :))) The UPS man is Like Santa for Adults ya know. After Years of wanting this kitchen machine I finally got it with my very own money from selling Shelf Reliance. I couldn't wait to make bread! So as the top picture shows I made three beautiful loafs of Whole wheat bread. And when they were risen to perfection I went to heat the oven and it wouldn't heat!! I.WAS.PISSED Finally got the recipe right and the machine to do it and now the oven, so the bread went to the trash yes.... the trash. And the part for the oven wont be here til next week ! On a much happier note I got all the below products for around thirty bucks with coupons! I love it. Cascade I got paid two cents, diapers $4 Gain $3.50 tampons $1 Soap 45 cents deoderant.50 cents herbal essence $1 tide $4
Here is my Trace again falling asleep in random places. He is on the back deck this time:D Silly guy
And he loves taking Douglas for rides in the shopping cart:D
We have also been remodeling our camper And I have been sewing, Cushions, Curtains, and blankets for it. Still need to get some pics though.

I love life . . .

Friday, September 16, 2011

Some fun Lately

Loook!! It's me in a picture. Went boating and camping at Glendale it was fun! except that we were camped in a beehive. Everyone got stung Except Carson and Austin. DANG things! And that we were camped in a tent.... ya that got us working on getting our camper remodeled so we have it for next year!! Pics coming soon We really wanted to go to Oneida Narrows But Austin was on call and had to be where he got service. He never got called. o well
There is me again! Squinting from the sun. Trace Cute Kinley and Trista
Labor day we took the kids over to go through minitonka cave and It's the same as it was two years ago. Don't know why they always get so excited to go? I did See an old Friend while there So that was worth it. This is Dayne Super happy to be in the cave:)
Our most recent family picture and probably only one since Dayne arrived a year ago. I know Hannah. Sooon Real soon!
My Handsome hub being photogenic.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Douglas

This First picture is not Douglas but the varying egg sizes we are getting I think the little ones are so cute and Trace loves waking up everyday and going on a egg hunt :)
This is our newest family member. With Great thanks to Jayson for entering all my children's names in the drawing for a FREE bunny at the fair. Dayne was the lucky winner of this cute lop eared rabbit and since he can't take care of him you see that Carson has very willingly taken on the job. We will see how long that lasts:}

He.....she how do you tell?? Douglas is a very tame rabbit, has not bitten any of the kids and they put there fingers pretty much in his mouth. They hold him and lay with him on the couch and he never tries to get away. He loves lettuce and and his ears rubbed. I must Say we didn't have to spend anything on this bunny cause our friends Jayson and Trista won a bunny last year and it died so they let us use all there stuff. So nice :) You could almost classify us as a farm a rabbit, 12 chickens and a dog. Anyone need eggs?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Twin Lakes

Austin's Bass that he caught at Twin Lakes. He said he hasn't caught one this big since he was in High school. It was 15 -18 inches not sure?
Leslie and I risking our lives letting Ron pull us behind the boat. I can't believe I did this I kept telling Leslie "We have small children we should not be doing this!" And she would answer that it was safer than four wheeling. Thats what I like to do:)
All the kids loved using the tube as a dock while we were at the beach.
Almost all the crew that was there with us. It was especially fun to have Clint and Leslie & Wes and Carolee's Families come play with us.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

EGGS!!! & Bites

Most of my Carson came home from Redfish Lake, part of him is still in many mosquitos somewhere. He came home with 88 mosquito bites so who knows how many he got the entire month he was there. They didn't bother him though, he could have cared less. Hopefully he doesn't get west nile:/LOOK what I found in the coop today. EGGS! It was so unexpected we were just going to see if they were all in the coop to shut them in for the night and Austin opened the door and I saw the two bottom eggs sitting in the nest. There so tiny the top one is store bought. The day before Trace had let the chickens out and to get them all back in you just have to wait til night and they all come in to roost, well we forgot and the next morning Austin heard one squock so he went to the bedroom window to find a fox trying to catch him some breakfast. He ran outside (wearing nothing) and the fox dropped the chicken and ran away. HaHAHA now I call him the chicken whisperer :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The Trek was something that I'm Glad I did,but I don't want to do it again any time soon. Kinda the same as right after you have a baby ha ha :) It was a great experience and I am so humbled to have ancestors that went through way worse conditions that what I just did for the whole purpose of coming to Zion so there posterity could grow up an live here. Here is Ma and Pa Brackin. It was cool while on the trek we stopped for a potty break and one of the missionaries told the story of MY Ancestor who saved the company she was in by bringing dried meat that she had gotten from a angel of the lord. It was cool felt a real connection!!
We were very tired so it was very easy to be silly.
This is the worst injury our trek family had. BLISTERS
The last day trekking the last couple miles.
These were our kidsBack row left to right Nick, Johnny, Ammon, front girls left to right Kenzie, Skylee, and Kelsey. They were great kids. Never complained got along very well and worked very hard!

Friday, July 15, 2011

FAT, SIck, and nearly Dead

That Darn Netflicks has some eye opening documentaries on it. Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead is the most recent one that I watched and I was expecting it to be about fat people, but it wasn't. I think I was frustrated about my non existent weight loss so I wanted to make myself feel better by watching people heavier than me in this move :P It wasn't that, it was about how unhealthy America Eats! I've always thought that I ate ok, but now I know that I eat horrible and thats the reason I am having a difficult time losing. I will try to post the trailer. To make it short this guy Drank only fruit and vegetable juice made with a juicer for 60 days. I would like to try this not for 60 days that is nuts, but I could try ten and see what happens?? I can't figure out how to put the video trailer on here but here is a link to the utube trailer http://youtu.be/Gv3vEXy_EwU

The Juicer in the movie is $150.00, but they sale juicers at wal-mart anywhere from 40- 100 bucks. I'm going to try it if anyone would like to join me it would be great moral support. i'm shooting for the week of the 25th, Not next week the next:) so go get you a juicer:) HAHA

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dayne's day

Happy boy On the morning of his First year of life.
Dayne's Presents. I'm getting lazy I didn't even wrap them. He didn't care.
The two for one cake. didn't realize til I was done that it's a Barney cake :/
Dayne loved his ding dong

So daddy brought dayne a ding dong for his birthday cake. Thats just how he is and Dayne loved it so it's a win win :)These are the birthday boys. Austin got new two way radios for his birthday. I tried to upload his video of the candle but couldn't figure It out:/ it's cute he just wanted to touch the flame.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Austin made a great point to me over our Independence holiday. Why do people say happy fourth of July?? We don't say happy 31st of October? We say Happy Halloween. Do people really know why we celebrate the "fourth of July" or do kids just think it's a time we watch fireworks. It's the most important day in every Americans life. The day america denounced itself from the crown and became a free nation. I think many americans take that for granted cause they have never lived under a king. The day the Declaration of Independence was signed. I am proud to be an American and am so grateful for those who risk there lives to keep our nation FREE!

We went on a ride when we got to the top we were surrounded by these wild sunflowers, they were beautiful!!
We also lost Traces' favorite chicken little blacky. Kalie's dog Jaxon is a bird dog and he was in doggie heaven :( Now little Blacky is in chicken Heaven literally.
This was our picnic on top of the mountain. Look there I am with my mouth full :D
And there I am again family shot without Carson, cause he is having a blast up at redfish lake with my mom and dad. We had a fantastic weekend finishing up at bear lake on Monday but you will have to look at those pics on facebook I forgot to take pictures there. Thanks to our friends and fam for hanging with us.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pictures of Me

Ha you thought there would be pictures of me on this post right. Well thats just it trying to find a picture of me is scarce. So I am taking a vow today that in all our weekend fun I will get some pictures with me in them. I think the reason is I never like how I look in pictures, but I don't care anymore. It freezes a memory in time and helps me to remember all the good, bad, and ugly times i've had. Sometime I would like to do stuff with other friends and family besides Austin's family. It seems they are the only ones that ever want us around. Don't get me wrong I love them and all but new is always good :) Have a nice and safe fourth of July weekend!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok so the pics below the top is Dayne and the bottom is Trace :)

While I'm on here I need to rant quickly. I NEED an nanny!! It is like pulling teeth to get Austin to watch his children for four hours. I feel like I am always looking for a babysitter!! I signed up to do a booth for Shelf Reliance at the lewiston 4th of July parade and festivities. I don't know what I was thinking >:| I thought o it's a monday Austin will be at work I wont have any trouble finding a sitter on a monday. HELLOOOOO it's a holiday Austin doesn't have to work and no one wants more than there own kids on a Holiday!! I'lll Probably end up canceling it. I just can't seem to do anything right in this life, i'm a slow learner I guess ?? BBBLAAHhh

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who's Who

Do you know which picture is Trace and which picture is Dayne???

Thursday, June 16, 2011


OK so yesterday I ran for 60 minutes, burned 666 calories and went 16 laps according to my treadmill???? Interesting hmmmm. I wasn't shooting for devil numbers or anything (or is he seven)? It just ended up that way. You were right Kandice if you can make it to three miles :) you do get a new burst of energy, and I just felt like go go going all day long.. I mowed, and watered the grass, weeded, and watered the garden. On top of all the other things I do every other day like laundry, beat oops i mean feed kids, clean kids, dress kids, clean up after kids. then repeat. And To make it sound even better I have horrible allergies and sinus pressure right now. I hope that I can keep this up cause I want to loose 30 lbs :/ So on top of the exercise I am also trying to watch what I eat better and portions as well. It's also a very motivating thing when your husband tells you your starting to get pudgy :{ I need to get a high school picture of me to look at cause it's happened so slowly I don't really notice it until I look back at, I wouldn't say skinny pictures but, thiner pictures ':|

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Coupon deal!!!

Ok All that you see pictured was under ten bucks!! I know its not food but when you see these deals its hard to pass them up. What you see is One box 20 count tampax pearl, 8 packs hand sanitizing wipes and 15 packs of gum. EEEAAKK!!! I was so Stoked. That pays for my paper subscription for a couple months anyway??

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cherry Creek

Our Best Family members invited us to go camping this last weekend and after a couple hours of going to different camp sites and finding them FULL we finally found what I thought was a GREAT! spot, that I have never been, up CHERRY CREEK. There were lots of four wheeler trails to ride the four Wheelers. (As I was just typing the above Carson came in and Said MOM! What does that say Don't put Windser on sale!!)

Windser is cute isn't he? He possed so cute for this picture. He also likes to ride on the four wheelers. He doesn't like to be left alone so we brought him along. We almost left him when we stopped on one of our rides and he had to swim across the river ; \
Here is sweeet Clay :) He is just getting used to riding his big wheel motor cycle. He is one of Carson's favorite cousins.
Lance on the back another favorite cousin. Then never stopped riding this little four wheeler.
Our camp and cute little trailer that we pulled all the kids in when we would go for four wheeler rides.
Trace is such a ham he loved getting dirty he wasn't sure about camping he kept saying Go home, Go Home?And he would hold his hands out. Dayne now on the other hand cried for probably an hour in the night because he was out of his routine and did NOT like that at all. He has still got ear infections so we'll blame it on that instead. He is also cutting another tooth so he's been little mr. Grumpy the last few days. All in ALL in was a GREAT time! We got to ride the four wheelers through rivers and over rocks, through the mud. The kids were just having a ball and even Dayne was ok with it, most rides he would just fall asleep. Best of all I got a tan on my arms! YAAY for Summer!!!