Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bye Bye :(

My Mom and Dad Left for the winter this week and I am feeling lost and alone. They were camp hosts all summer which I think was good it partially weened me. They were still only like an hour away and I could still go see them. Now they are like across two states and I can only call, e-mail or drive for two days to see them. I hope they have a nice retirement, but deep down inside I hope this being gone from the family ALL THE TIME will get old. (Ya right) anyway I am just feeling left behind, but I will get over it I'm sure. Hey at least I got to see them for like three hours before they left.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are for sale!

I'm not sure what has gotten into us but we are selling everything it seems like. Our house has been for sale for about two years now, but just in the last week Austin has been going throught things and cleaning them up to sell mostly stuff we just don't use and is worth a little cash. To see more pics of our home you can go to and just type in the 83263 zip code and you should be able to find it. We have two homes and are feeling like it's time to get ride of one with the economy the way it is. We have never lived "in Town" so that being where our other house is thats why we want to sell the one in Riverdale. 279,000.00 is what it appraised for so thats what were asking.
This is or cute little teardrop camper that Austin built in like... 2004?? It has been the best little thing for camping until Trace. We just don't fit anymore. It has lights in the cabin and kitchen a ceiling vent and a bunk inside for one child under four feet and then can sleep two small adult inside. We have priced these on the internet and there are rediculously expensive for how small they are I think. We have seen them from 5,000 to 14,000. We have ours priced at 3,750.00. We can't go camping anywhere without someone saying "where'd you get that camper?" Then when Austin says "I made it" they are just dumbfounded. We are sad to sell our cute little camper but we need something bigger.
Cute little kitche area in the back for all your food, and cooler. The sink really works!
Now this Little motorcycle has been fun, but Earlyer this summer Austin got a four wheeler so now we don't use this little guy. We can all fit on the four wheeler but not this. It's a Hondo CT90. It's fun to take camping if you go where they don't allow four wheels. You'll have to call Austin 852-6227 to see what he wants for this he has it on Ksl but i'm not sure of the price.
This is a shot gun that Austin also got from doing a tile job and has never used so he wants to sell it. It's a gorgeous gun from turkey and i think he has it on for $450?? again call him for sure.
I know he has some other thing in the works that he wants to sell. A Mini Lathe is one I know of, but will update as it comes availabe. Just if your wondering we are doing fine, we are just feeling overwhelmed with stuff.