Thursday, November 17, 2011

New family photos!!!

We had to do something to get the kids to smile again. Look at what a sweet camera she has caught the leaves in mid air.
We love fall so we always like one with he beautiful colors.
Had to get one of just us. When I look at pictures with all of us it's hard to believe I have THREE children already I still feel like i'm 20!!
Really wish Dayne would let us put him down, it would have been cute if he stood on the left of trace. O well Kids will be kids.
Austin made us crawl through a bunch of roughage and metal to get to this spot. Glad we did it turned out to be our favorite despite the pudge hangen over my pants:/
This one shows how happy Trace was the whole time! We were way overdue for family photos. I asked my great Friend that likes photography to take them for us and we really got a deal cause she did a professional job, for a non professional price :) She really should go into buisness for photography. Thanks So Much Kandice!