Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My baby's growing up!!

My baby is getting big! It seems all of a sudden he is talking here are a few words he says "b" meaning blankey, mom, dada, no(of course), why? uh hu, oweeey, mow(more), sace(trace), go, just to name a few he just seems to small to have this vocabulary. I think that I am just used to trace who was a very slow talker we have just begun understanding him fully and he's three. In just 6 short months Dayne will be two and it seems like I just had him. Well I know I still have the fat on my body from having him, thats not leaving as fast as he is growing :) well according to the chinese birth calendar if I get pregnant next year any month but Jan, March, Or December It will be a girl should I take my chances or call it good??

I've been thinking lately of a job I can do to keep me healthy. Since I was a dancer and loved that part of my life something that is similar would be an aerobics instructor...... I just want to do a little something but still mostly be there for my kids and stay healthy in the mean time?? it's totally just a thought right now but hopefully will become a reality soon who knows.