Monday, October 1, 2012


So Saturday morning before I'm even awake I get a text from Austin saying "I bought a camper." I look to my left, he is in-fact missing out of the bed. My thoughts exactly were well we don't have money for a nice new one so it's another piece of junk for us to fix up.  I sent a message back saying "sweet." ( very unenthusiastic)  He comes home and takes me back in to see it. As we pull into the junkyard I'm thinking Why are we here, I don't have time for this. I look over at him and he reads my mind and says this is where the camper is. Anyway some idiot took the nicest camper to the salvage yard!!! HELLOO PEOPLE are you stupid someone probably would have given you a couple thousand dollars for this. I could not believe it! It is so nice inside. needs no fixing up. It's way nicer than our fixer upper, fixed up! Any guesses on how much we paid for it???????

Ya thats it! 
Everything is in perfect condition and works! UN-beliveable!! 
Good on ya Austin

Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer fun!!

Well I must say  It has been a fantastic summer.  Kalie and Lacie took my boys to Hogle zoo. Trace still talks about when he went to the "Jungle" and saw the white bear swim back and forth, and he rode the giraffe.  Those moments are so priceless.  Sad that I missed them, but there will be other years for me to take them, they need bonds with Aunts and other family members as well so it's all good.  Talk about a great BREAK for me for a day:) MOMS need breaks too.

We had to go camping over memorial day and guess what..... yeah it snowed on us. When I consider camping being outside cooking playing, riding toys and eating.  It was a good thing I had good company to sit with me in the camper and catch up:)

 We also celebrated Austin's 30th birthday!!! He has everything, but a few days before he had mentioned this bar to put in the doorway to do pull-ups on so he got that.  He can't ever wait until a special day to get something he just buys it when he wants it.  In my opinion he is starting to grow up I guess thirty is the magic number. Just doing things he has never wanted to or done before. Not sure Why it's is this way that women mature so much quicker than men, it must be included in all our other trials to get through while were here:)  I am so lucky to have him, he blesses my life and my children's lives daily.  He is so talented and always is helping everyone he can.  It doesn't matter if we are in a hurry somewhere or not he sees someone on the side of the road with a problem he stops to help.  Happy 30th BABE!!
 Dayne had a birthday the day before Austin so we just celebrated them both on the same day. Talk about confusing to Trace.  He turned two, I think that means he is officially a toddler :(  He has the sweetest personality. Always coming up to me saying "mom i wub ew." Then puckers his lips for a kiss.  He is learning a little bit of attitude from Trace,  And beginning the TERRIBLE TWO's.  He has nothing on Trace yet, but has started dumping things out just for fun, taking his clothes off, and coloring on things. :/  He s such a little sweetie and we love him so much!!!
 Did lots of boating this summer thats always fun I guess.  The kids and dad love it but it really just scares me. I must be getting old:P
 Got to See UNCLE BLAKE and AUNT ELAINE this summer, They were both here for a week together. we did some camping boating, and lots of family get-to-gethers.  We get to see MELINDA's family more often so we are super spoiled when that happens. I'm still not sure which one, me or Melinda, Trace thinks his mom is. ;)
 It was the open house for the Brigham City Temple so we took the kids. They were super good and Trace kept saying "MOM lets go in the Castle." Completely gorgeous inside!! In Brigham city they are known for the plenty they grow in fruits and veggies so the inside of the temple is themed around that!
 This was a little FREAKY There was a brush fire started down by foster reservoir, and the wind was blowing our way. The fire cam within a city block from our house. So gratefully to the firefighters and helicopter fighter pilots that got it our before it burnt anyone's home.  It's funny when that kind of thing becomes a reality how much you don't give a rats "A" about anything in your house, just the people in it. This was taken from our front porch.
 And I must blog this because it's like a once in a decade kind of thing. The Brackin's had pictures taken!!  What a freakin gorgeous bunch of folks.  I gotta hand it to the parents cause I never could have raised so many successful people and made it.  I can barely stay sane day to day with my three boys. I cannot even fathom eight!! WOW!! what an accomplishment. Big families are GREAT!!!  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carson had his first Cavities!! Which is good considering he's eight. Trace had just as many as him at three :/ I am not the best at brushing their teeth.  He did not like it. Then he chewed his lip where he was numb so now he has a huge canker sore.  He kept telling me  I owed him a prize since he had to have a shot, ummm no thats your punishment for not brushing your teeth sorry dude.  Trace, believe it or not, held still long enough for them to fix one of his cavities, but didn't have to get numb which was probably a really good thing.  Summer has been fun so far. excited for more fun things to come. I will blog them if i can figure out this new blogger stuff why do they have to change stuff on me?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Carson's Baptism

On May 12th 2012 Carson Became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

 He was Lucky enough to have his father baptize and confirm him.  To most that just seems normal, but my primary teacher baptized me cause we didn't have any men in our family that could.  Here they are all dressed in white.  It went very well he asked his Aunt Melinda to give the talk on baptism and I think he was inspired because she did a fantastic job!!  Austin also did great confirming him and gave him a beautiful blessing.
 My parents came all the way from Red Fish Lake to watch this special event.  Even though my poor mom still had shingles and was in so much pain you could never tell from the great picture of her above.  Trace was being a little camera shy so we told him he could sit in the tree so he thought that was cool.
Here is the whole Brackin Crew that came.  I just love this crew even if they are CRAzY sometimes. There are only half a Ron's children here and it's already a big group.  Don't think everyone would have fit in the shot if they all were there.

It's so bittersweet to see my little baby all grown up before I know it he'll be graduating, hopefully going on a mission and being sealed in the temple. WOW!!   I hope that I am doing things right for him to be the best he can be and have much success in his life.  Not really looking toward the next milestone which is the birds and bees talk. yuck :P  better to come from momma than the kids at school eh?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Carson turns 8!!

Can't believe I have an eight year old! Now don't get me wrong on this I love all of my boys but carson has been the easiest child EVER! He is beginning to give me a little lip as he gets older but it doesn't take much to get him back in line:) From the time he was a baby he never cried, he was smart, talked early so he could always tell us what he wanted or what was wrong. He did go through the school of hard knock when he began to walk, but it's good for little boys to be tough right.
Since he has turned eight he has chosen to be baptized. We are so proud of this good choice that he has made. He is delaying it just a bit because he has a friend, Mason, at church that will be 8 on the 23rd so they want to be baptized on the same day :D cute hu! The gr-eight day will be May 12th!
For his birthday he got a BB gun from Dad, a new set of scriptures with a case and his name on them from mom, a rc car from grandma, swim shorts from grand-mom, swim toys and goggles from the Popes, a magic trick and grenade tool set from Jen & Kie, money from the Lovedays and the other Popes. O and legos from his little brothers. I am very stoked for the day he is old enough to babysit!! Yay my own personal babysitter!! Which I know will come faster than ever, time just seems to be speeding up!
Happy birthday CARSON you are so special to us!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Proud mama moments

I am havin a proud mama moment with all my boys right now ;) Carson started wrestling and won both matches coming away with a gold metal great way to start the season! The first kid he won by pinning him and the second he won by points. Trying to upload the video but we'll see.

Trace is finally potty trained!!!! After two months of cleaning up poopy everything. We finally took away all horses and bought new horses, put them all in a box and that was the reward when he did it right he got to pick a horse. Tried this once in the beginning but didn't work something must have just clicked the second go around?? Now hopefully he just keep with it when the horses run out. Two in diapers is not fun.

But we would not be complete if we didn't have our eager to get here baby Dayne. He is sure getting a large vocabulary and beginning on the small phrases. Like "wers th key?" Where is the kitty. "Oh no" "wer r you" "I duno" is a cute one he does and shrugs his shoulders when he sys it;) After having my very slow talker trace it's so nice when they can communicate and tell you what they want. everyone is just happier that way. Dayne is also loving a bat and ball he carries them around all day playing it like golf. Will not allow you to feed him whatsoever. He has got to be my best sleeper, he doesn't like going to bed as much as trace did but once he cries for about a minute he's out for the night and doesn't wake up til sometimes 10 am. it hard to believe he will be two in July! why is time escaping me so quickly. These boys bring me the most joy and sorrow at times, this to shall pass and when it has I think I
will feel like it was to quick, so i am trying to enjoy the journey.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Out of the mouthes of babes!

**Read at your own risk**
I had to make sure I write this down or I will forget. Now with your first child this never happens cause there is not an older sibling to teach them choice names for there with the second it's quite different. As Trace is in the tub tonight I am picking things up in the bathroom and he shouts "MOM! LOOK! My nuts is gettin bigger." I had to smile and wish I had the video camera on at that moment to get the Quote not the picture of course. Might I just add that he didn't mean it was growing bigger with age..........he had been playing with it:D Just like the picture above. They really are just wired that way I guess?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My baby's growing up!!

My baby is getting big! It seems all of a sudden he is talking here are a few words he says "b" meaning blankey, mom, dada, no(of course), why? uh hu, oweeey, mow(more), sace(trace), go, just to name a few he just seems to small to have this vocabulary. I think that I am just used to trace who was a very slow talker we have just begun understanding him fully and he's three. In just 6 short months Dayne will be two and it seems like I just had him. Well I know I still have the fat on my body from having him, thats not leaving as fast as he is growing :) well according to the chinese birth calendar if I get pregnant next year any month but Jan, March, Or December It will be a girl should I take my chances or call it good??

I've been thinking lately of a job I can do to keep me healthy. Since I was a dancer and loved that part of my life something that is similar would be an aerobics instructor...... I just want to do a little something but still mostly be there for my kids and stay healthy in the mean time?? it's totally just a thought right now but hopefully will become a reality soon who knows.