Monday, April 9, 2012

Carson turns 8!!

Can't believe I have an eight year old! Now don't get me wrong on this I love all of my boys but carson has been the easiest child EVER! He is beginning to give me a little lip as he gets older but it doesn't take much to get him back in line:) From the time he was a baby he never cried, he was smart, talked early so he could always tell us what he wanted or what was wrong. He did go through the school of hard knock when he began to walk, but it's good for little boys to be tough right.
Since he has turned eight he has chosen to be baptized. We are so proud of this good choice that he has made. He is delaying it just a bit because he has a friend, Mason, at church that will be 8 on the 23rd so they want to be baptized on the same day :D cute hu! The gr-eight day will be May 12th!
For his birthday he got a BB gun from Dad, a new set of scriptures with a case and his name on them from mom, a rc car from grandma, swim shorts from grand-mom, swim toys and goggles from the Popes, a magic trick and grenade tool set from Jen & Kie, money from the Lovedays and the other Popes. O and legos from his little brothers. I am very stoked for the day he is old enough to babysit!! Yay my own personal babysitter!! Which I know will come faster than ever, time just seems to be speeding up!
Happy birthday CARSON you are so special to us!!

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Kandice said...

Happy Birthday Carson!! It really is crazy you have an 8 year old, Vic!! Love your cute little family!