Monday, October 1, 2012


So Saturday morning before I'm even awake I get a text from Austin saying "I bought a camper." I look to my left, he is in-fact missing out of the bed. My thoughts exactly were well we don't have money for a nice new one so it's another piece of junk for us to fix up.  I sent a message back saying "sweet." ( very unenthusiastic)  He comes home and takes me back in to see it. As we pull into the junkyard I'm thinking Why are we here, I don't have time for this. I look over at him and he reads my mind and says this is where the camper is. Anyway some idiot took the nicest camper to the salvage yard!!! HELLOO PEOPLE are you stupid someone probably would have given you a couple thousand dollars for this. I could not believe it! It is so nice inside. needs no fixing up. It's way nicer than our fixer upper, fixed up! Any guesses on how much we paid for it???????

Ya thats it! 
Everything is in perfect condition and works! UN-beliveable!! 
Good on ya Austin